membership subscriptions

NOTE: The initial membership subscription is payable at the time that you apply to join the club. All subsequent membership renewal subscriptions become due on or before the 1st May each year regardless of the month in which membership was initially taken out. Full details of all classes of membership are provided in the Clubs Constitution.


£139 - 
Individual Senior Membership
£82 - 
Additional Family Membership
£82 - 
Junior Membership (under 18)
£82 - 
Student Membership (please check with the membership secretary for conditions)
£12 - 
Associate Membership
£49 - 
Storage for Single Boat
£98 - 
Storage for Double Boat/Canadian
£15 - 
Monthly Fund-raising Draw (optional)
£8 - 
Paddle UK Member Discount (subscriptions may be reduced by £8 for each applicant who is a current Paddle UK or British Canoeing member)