Tonbridge Canoe Club
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beginner courses

Attendance on a beginner course is mandatory for all new members with limited or no previous paddling experience. Members with reasonable paddling experience may not need a beginner course but will be required to undertake a short assessment prior to joining. The minimum age for membership is 12.

The beginner course is provided as a membership benefit and there is no additional charge. Courses are available to new members only, the club does not provide instruction for non-members.

New member beginner courses usually run from April to August/September and extend over four sessions. An indoor swimming pool session is also included when the pool is available. You will need to be available for all sessions.



Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Pool Session
April Saturday 2nd April @13:00 Saturday 9th April @13:00 Saturday 23rd April @13:00 Saturday 30th April @13:00 Saturday 30th April @19:30 Course completed
May Saturday 7th May @13:00 Saturday 14th May @13:00 Saturday 21st May @13:00 Saturday 28th May @13:00 Sunday 29th May @19:30 Course completed
May Evening Monday 2nd May @18:00 Monday 9th May @18:00 Monday 16th May @18:00 Monday 23rd May @18:00 Saturday 21st May @19:30 Course completed
June Saturday 4th June @13:00 Saturday 11th June @13:00 Saturday 18th June @13:00 Saturday 25th June @13:00 Saturday 18th June @19:30 Course completed
June Evening Monday 6th June @18:00 Monday 13th June @18:00 Monday 20th June @18:00 Monday 27th June @18:00 Sunday 26th June @19:30 Course completed
July Saturday 2nd July @13:00 Saturday 9th July @13:00 Saturday 16th July @13:00 Saturday 23rd July @13:00 Saturday 23rd July @19:30 Course fully booked
August Saturday 30th July @13:00 Saturday 6th August @13:00 Saturday 13th August @13:00 Saturday 20th August @13:00 Sunday 21st August @19:30 2 places available
Junior course Monday 25th July @10:00 Tuesday 26th July @10:00 Wednesday 27th July @10:00 Thursday 28th July @10:00 Session 5 Friday 29th July @10:00 Saturday 30th July @ 19:30 A course for 12-18s only who wish to learn to paddle. Please note: this course has 5 sessions and a pool session

Before applying for a place on a beginner course please contact the Membership Secretary to confirm course availability.