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Tonbridge Canoe Club activities during the Coronavirus pandemic

CLUB PARTIAL RE-OPENING - Update 23 September 2020

British Canoeing have issued revised advice to clubs regarding use of club facilities which means we can allow members access to the boatstore and permit some paddling activity at the club subject to the following:

Members who are self isolating or symptomatic with the virus must not visit the club.

Members who discover that they may have been carrying the virus when they attended the club should inform the club secretary as soon as possible so that other members can be alerted. No personal information will be released.

All visits to the club outside of the Saturday morning pre-booked sessions should be recorded by using the NHS Covid-19 app to scan the QR code displayed at the club on arrival or by completing the online attendance logging form AFTER your visit via the link shown below. Attendance at pre-booked Saturday morning sessions is already being recorded by the session manager and does not need to be separately recorded. CLICK HERE to access the attendance logging form.

We must respect Government guidelines on social distancing, not gathering in groups, and hand sanitising. This also means there will be no access to the changing rooms, showers and social room, so you will need to arrive ready to paddle and probably leave a bit damp.

We are running open sessions for members on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm. However these are not the normal ‘turn up when you fancy and do whatever you want’ sessions. We must limit the number of members on site at any time and you will need to book an arrival time in advance following the instructions in the guidance circulated to members, state what boat you will want to use, and then follow the instructions of the session supervisor when you arrive. The committee will regularly review these sessions and adapt the guidelines and booking process as necessary.

A document giving details of the guidelines and conditions for paddling can be found here: CLUB PROCEDURE.

The club will provide hand sanitiser and equipment cleaning spray at the clubhouse, but please bring some hand sanitiser of your own to clean your hands before you arrive, and after you have left the club.

What all this means for you:

Keyholders with their own equipment - You will be able to access the boatstore as normal, to paddle when you wish to outside of club session times. You will need to book an arrival time if you want to paddle on Saturday mornings. Club guidelines are clear on your responsibilities for the cleaning of the locks etc when you arrive and leave which you MUST follow for your safety, and also the safety of the members using the premises after you. Please clean the contact points on your own equipment after use in case another member needs to move it in the clubhouse for some reason.

Keyholders who wish to use club equipment - All the above points apply, plus we strongly recommend you sanitise all the contact points on any club equipment you want to use BEFORE you use it, and you must do so AFTER using it.

Non-keyholders - you will be able to attend a Saturday morning session as usual subject to there being sufficient capacity in the booking system for arrival times. We strongly recommend you sanitise all the contact points on any club equipment you want to use BEFORE you use it, and you must do so AFTER using it.

Junior members - we’d like to be able to get you back on river too but the requirement for you to be accompanied by an adult on the water makes that especially difficult to organise. If you can arrange to paddle with an adult club member from your family, or another adult club member you know, then that will be fine. If you do want to paddle at the club and you normally just join in with a group, that’s the difficult bit that’s not allowed at the moment, so for the time being you’re not going to be able to paddle. We’ll get you back on the water as soon as we can.

As with everything else we do at the moment everybody’s safety depends on all of us doing our bit to stop the virus spreading. Whether you are paddling at a Saturday club session or at another time it is imperative that you follow the Government and Club guidelines, particularly for social distancing and cleaning of equipment.

This instruction will be reviewed and further communications will be issued when new guidance becomes available.

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