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Flow Rate
  Level (m)  
75  _
70  _
65  _
60  _
55  _
50  _
45  _
40  _
35  _
30  _
25  _
20  _
15  _
10  _
_ 7.5 
_ 7.0 
_ 6.5 
_ 6.0 
_ 5.5 
_ 5.0 
_ 4.5 
_ 4.0 
_ 3.5 
_ 3.0 
_ 2.5 
_ 2.0 
_ 1.5 
_ 1.0 
_ 0.5 
15/10 LATEST FLOW: 1.43 m3/sec
- still water or light flow
LAST UPDATED BY EA 19/10/2020 at 16:00
19/10 LEVEL: 2.336m

When using this information to determine your willingness and ability to paddle the following interpretation is offered. This is fairly subjective but the correlation with the club's standard RAG markings has proven to be close under most circumstances. We may refine this guidance in the light of experience. You should use this information in conjunction with the RAG Status guidance available here.

The indicative RAG status shown above is based on EA flow rate and river level data only and assumes the following:
  • A flow rate of up to about 12m3/s could be considered GREEN.
  • A flow rate above 12m3/s but less than 20m3/s would be transitional GREEN to AMBER.
  • A flow rate between about 20m3/s and 30m3/s would be AMBER.
  • A flow rate above 30m3/s but less than 35m3/s would be transitional AMBER to RED.
  • A flow rate above 35m3/s would be RED and above about 45m3/s moving towards BLACK.
  • Any other prevailing river condition e.g. strong wind, ice, blue/green algae, inadequate bridge clearance etc. could influence the RAG setting adversely.
  • A river level of less than 1m indicates river lowering and an indicative RAG status of AMBER.
  • A river level of 1.5 to 2.5 metres is fairly normal. When the river rises much above 3m indicating strong flow conditions it becomes increasingly difficult to pass safely under Lucifer's Bridge and the flow rate will take priority when determining the indicative RAG status.

NOTE: The actual RAG status can only be properly determined by competent and experienced people who are on-site and can take into account all prevailing conditions, it will be clearly marked on the white board next to the social room door during standard club sessions. If no current RAG marking is indicated then you must use your own judgement when deciding whether it is safe for you to paddle.

note: this page uses Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta)

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